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Microsoft Opens Skype UserVoice Site for Feature Requests

Users can now make requests to Microsoft regarding Skype. The company has opened a new UserVoice website for users to offer advice on the future of the service.


has used its various Insider Programs to allow users to test new features. In return, the users provide valuable feedback for the company to improve said features. However, Microsoft does not take much in the way of feature requests. That is now changing within the community.

Users can now head to a new UserVoice sits for Skype. Microsoft says the focus of the site is for users to provide their ideas for the communications service. Whether this advice revolves around how to stabilize the service, how to design it, or what features to include.

Last year, Microsoft overhauled the Skype experience with a new update. This was the biggest change to the platform in 10 years. Users were largely unimpressed and a new incoming Windows 10 overhaul of the Skype app has been met with a similar anger.

Perhaps burned by these responses, Microsoft is seeking user interaction to make Skype more, well, liked.

At the UserVoice website, the company says posts must feature a request, if not the post is removed. With the Skype Insider Program, Skype Community Forum, and now this website, Microsoft is certainly offering numerous ways to connect.

It will be interesting to see how Microsoft uses the information to improve Skype. If you have a request, you can find the Skype UserVoice site here.

New Update

Speaking of the new Skype update, Microsoft is still developing through the Insider Program. Windows 10 Insiders are unhappy with the new application. Many of them are making their feelings known and some a threatening to leave the service completely.

Microsoft is looking to make Skype as uniform as possible so that is can cross platforms more seamlessly. The company does not want notably different versions for different form factors. That makes sense from a development perspective and simply for achieving a synergy in design and usability.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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