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Microsoft has rolled out a new firmware update for its Surface Pro tablet PC. The company’s latest release focuses on solving issues with the Surface Pen. Specifically, the update makes the peripheral more accurate on the Surface Pro.

There has been a problem with Surface Pen accuracy on the device, with numerous users noting the problem. This issue has been persisting for several months so its good to see Microsoft has solved it.

Users say their Surface Pen has been inaccurate when a hand is touching the Surface Pro display. That is against the pen’s ability to work when other elements of pressure are on the screen. Microsoft says it has been investigating the problem and the firmware should clear it up.

Those who have already taken the update says the Pen is now offering more fluid strokes and accurate input.

Updating the Surface Pen

We know from a Microsoft patent earlier this year that the company is working to update the Surface Pen.

The patent describes a pen with a touch-sensitive retention clip that would send data wirelessly to a PC or tablet.

“In some cases, touch input on the display may not be the most convenient form of user interaction with a computing device,” it reads. “…To perform a scrolling operation with a stylus via touch input, a user may have to touch the stylus to a scroll bar that is visually presented on a touch-sensitive display. In doing so, the user may have to make small and precise adjustments to the scroll bar that may be difficult to perform.”

As well as scrolling, the clip could be used for zooming or other functionality. One example is to save battery, only activating when the user presses the clip to wake it up. Despite the functionality, patents show it looks largely the same, with little weight or thickness difference.