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Microsoft Teams Gets Adobe XD Integration for Prototype Comment Sharing

Microsoft Teams has scored integration with Adobe XD, enabling comment notifications, rich information links, and more.


has scored a significant integration via collaboration with XD. The workplace chat app now lets users share design prototypes in a rich format, featuring summaries, comment replies, and more.

The functionality is a continuation of existing integration between Creative Cloud and Teams. Previous additions let users search, preview, and share assets directly in Teams, with visual search and keyword support.

“Building on the existing integration between Creative Cloud and Microsoft Teams that launched last year, we're excited to extend support to Adobe XD, enabling designers and stakeholders to collaborate more efficiently on prototypes and design specs,” said Adobe senior manager Minson Chen.

“Rather than send these links over email, organizations using Teams can now benefit from a richer experience, which includes seeing a summary and thumbnail preview of the prototype or design spec — and it all works by simply pasting a link generated by XD into Microsoft Teams.”

Taking on Slack

This kind of close integration is something Microsoft is better placed to offer than Slack due to its decades spent in the software field. While Slack limits its free users to just a few integrations, Microsoft is offering its 140+ free of charge, including Adobe XD.

Microsoft Teams has also received interesting features such as AI-powered message translation and Evernote integration over the past few months. Slack has responded with the acquisition of HipChat, which will net it more users and closer integrations with Trello.

No doubt the pair will continue to compete on integrations and other additions, but Microsoft's good relationship with Adobe will go a long way to persuade design professionals.

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