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Google Adds Chrome 68 Support for Windows 10 Notifications

Chrome 68 browser notifications will now appear in the Windows 10 Action Center, rolling out to users this week.


We have previously heard about 's push to bring native notifications to the Chrome browser. However, it was never really clear when the integration would be made. It now seems the Chrome 68 team has started the roll out in the latest update for the market-leading web browser.

Google employee Peter Beverloo announced the integration of Windows 10 notifications on Twitter. The ability is arriving on Chrome 68, the latest version of the browser. Beverloo confirmed the feature was developed in collaboration with . In fact, he thanked the company's Action Center and Edge teams for helping in the development.

One thing I want to clear up. Some people have contacted me mixing up what this development means. This is not Windows notifications popping up in Chrome. Instead, it is Chrome notifications appearing in the Windows 10 notification center. It may seem simple enough, but there has been confusion.

It seems Google is rolling out Windows 10 notifications in stages. So far, around 50% of users of Chrome 68 have the features. We expect this roll out to move swiftly and all users to be covered soon.

Of course, users can jump ahead of the queue and manually add the ability through ‘chrome://flags' to turn on native notifications.

Some details about the integration are worth mentioning. For example, Chrome understands Windows 10 Quiet Hours and will respect them.

Chrome 68

Google launched Google 68 last month, offering an improved experience. One of the main additions is the browser flags websites not delivered over HTTPS.

When a site is not using HTTPS, it is denoted as “not secure” by the browser. The change happened automatically through the release Chrome 68. In October, when Chrome 69 arrives, the company will stop denoting HTTPS sites as secure and will instead display nothing for secure sites.

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