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Mozilla Firefox Gains Machine Learning Content Recommendation Extension

A new extension currently testing in Firefox uses machine learning to provide users with “read next” content while browsing.


We already know has some big plans for its upcoming Firefox 63 browser update, which will arrive in October. It seems the team is cooking up one particular new feature that could be a useful extension. Currently in testing, a new browser extension will allow Firefox to surface recommendations based on current activity.

This tool is currently running through the Firefox Test Pilot, a program that allows users to test features before release. It is unclear whether the extension will be released in time for Firefox 63. However, there is certainly enough to time to finalize it before the October launch.

Called Advance, the extension is available for everyone today. It is an intelligent tool that analyses the content on the current browser page to recommend what the user may want to “read next”. The tool will also look through browser history to show deeper recommendations that will be held in the “for you” section.

At the user end, you will just need to browse the web as normal. A little sidebar will appear as Advance shows relevant content from other websites.

Mozilla says the extension is powered by the VC-funded Laserlike machine learning tool. This is known as an “interest search engine” that is designed to find personalized content. Because of this, Mozilla is being open and telling users their browsing history will be handled by Laserlike.

“We have also included controls so that participants can pause the experiment, see what browser history Laserlike has about them, or request deletion of that information,” Mozilla said in a statement. “We're interested in seeing how our users respond to their browsers having a more active role in helping them explore the web.”

Autoplay Video Blocker

Firefox 63 is shaping up to be a much-welcomed update for the web browser. Last month, Mozilla rolled out a new autoplay video blocking tool for testing.

The latest Firefox Nightly Edition preview build (63.0a1) the browser has an option to turn off videos. Users can find the feature as a small pop-up that appears below the address bar.

If you want a more sweeping block of autoplay videos, Firefox settings have been updated. Users can select to block all autoplaying media across the board. If selected, the individual pop-up option will no longer appear.

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