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John Oliver Strikes out at Facebook’s Empty Promises with ‘Honest Ad’

John Oliver's ad seeks to shed light on Facebook's historic abuses while highlighting the fact it may not change any time soon.


There has been plenty of serious discussion about the role of Facebook after it’s data scandal. The social network exposed over 83 million user’s private data to Cambridge Analytica for use in political campaigns and has since faced scrutiny from the EU and US Congress.

However, the social network hasn’t faced significant consequences, a fact highlighted by an April advert. In it, Facebook acknowledges its history of spam, fake news, and data misuse, but promises change while highlighting its glory days.

It may be too little, too late, but Last Week Tonight’s John Oliver has released a scathing parody of the network’s marketing, its morals, and its lack of major changes. He calls out historic examples of the firm’s exploitation, such as its use of the disaster in Puerto Rico to promote its VR.

Not Out of the Woods

The video highlights the fact that despite its promises, many of Facebook’s users still don’t trust the platform. In fact, it seems likely that the company has more scandals on the horizon.

In June, The New York Times revealed that the user data the company has been sharing with up to 80 device makers include that of their friends of friends, including those who have denied third-party sharing.

On top of that, Facebook’s generous developer access years ago makes it likely that app’s other than Aleksander Kogan’s were able to access large swaths of data. However, the sentiment among much of Facebook’s user base is that it’s too valuable to give up. For many, it has become a vital tool for connecting with family and friends, with isolation becoming a concern without it.

Oliver’s ad is unlikely to change that, but it does bring some light-hearted, digestible comedy to a serious situation.

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