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Skype for Android Preview Scores End-to-End Encryption

The latest Skype for Android preview lets users chat with complete privacy, while also improving performance and reliability across the board.


for is finally starting to match modern chat applications with the introduction of end-to-end encryption. Version introduces ‘private conversations', which offer a much higher level of security for sensitive communication.

It's worth noting that this feature first debuted for Skype Insiders in January, but it's now seeing a wider release. The service uses the widely praised Signal protocol, which should ensure nobody other than the sender and receiver can view messages. The protection should extend to images, audio, and videos.

The main drawback is that it can only be used between users on the latest versions of Skype. For now, the number of people you can hold private conversations with is limited, but that's bound to change soon.

Skype for Android Changelog

The app has also been given a minor improvement. Users should note better Bluetooth connections, as well as general reliability and performance enhancements. Here's the full changelog:

“Private conversations – Skype private conversations give you enhanced security through end-to-end encryption for conversations between you and your friends and family.
– Bluetooth improvements.
– Stability and reliability improvements.”

This release coincides with one on the Skype Insider preview, which introduces new camera filters. Users can now choose between two color and one black and white filter, increasing the similarity to Snapchat.

However, though many users reacted viscerally to the app's design change, appears to be winning them back. The addition of screenshots and sharing and UI tweaks have helped to improve its ratings.

You can grab the latest version of the Preview below:

[appbox googleplay com.skype.insiders&hl=en_US]

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