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Report: ‘Microsoft Managed Desktop’ to Provide Windows 10 Device Leasing at a Monthly Fee

Microsoft Managed Desktop will reportedly offer its service for a single monthly fee, removing the hassle of OS updates and providing productivity tools.


appears to be hearing up for a desktop-as-a-service offering via the previously discovered Microsoft Managed Desktop. According to respected Microsoft reporter Mary Jo Foley,  customers will be able to “lease a device that's automatically provisioned for them.”

The benefits of such as a service are clear. Customers will instantly have the latest updates, a high level of security, and all the latest productivity tools. Foley says this will all be available for a single monthly fee.

Though Microsoft has tried such offerings back in 2005, it was limited to just a few companies. With the annoying bi-yearly update cycle of Windows 10, now may be a much better time for wider adoption, cutting out that aspect entirely.

Many Unknowns

Unfortunately, it seems this project is still underway. Microsoft has been actively hiring for positions, though the division and there are now details about a release date or who it will release to.

It's also unclear if Microsoft will sell the service to enterprises directly, or if partners will sell it with a markup. The Redmond giant has refused to comment, so we'll have to wait a little longer. Naturally, there's also no information about pricing, and the per-user fee could make or break the venture.

Theoretically, though, Microsoft could bundle such a service in with its other subscriptions, such as Office 365. Though other company's offer similiar service, Microsoft Managed Desktop's ability to update quickly and ensure compatibility could make it a strong competitor.

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