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Microsoft Working on Bing Search Results Tab Feature

Bing will soon be able to open search results into a new tab more efficiently with a “Click here to open in new tab” icon and option.


is working on a new ability for Bing Search that will make the engine more efficient when researching. A new option currently in testing will allow users to quickly open multiple web pages across tabs.

When web searching on Bing, the new feature will present a “Click here to open in a new tab” option. This basically allows users to avoid using a mouse click to open a site in a new tab. It is worth noting the option as detailed above is hidden behind an icon and displays when hovering on the icon.

We can see how this will be extremely useful in situations of research. Sometimes it is necessary to have multiple websites open across tabs that have been surface from Bing.

In touch, this new system is very efficient and fast, allowing for a smoother experience. So, not a major change to Bing but a welcome one nonetheless. Again, Microsoft is currently testing this ability on A/B, so it is not with all users yet.

Incidentally, Bing already has a feature similar to this. It is called “Open in new tab” and does what it days on the tin.


Microsoft has been making subtle improvements to its search experience during this year. Back in May, the company enhanced how Bing finds hotel bookings and surfaces weather results.

Last month, Microsoft also improved the service across platforms in an effort to better compete with . Bing on iOS and now has web search for images on those platforms. Objects of interest are denoted by Bing, which will detect and mark items in an image. Clicking one of these marked hotspots allows Visual Search to automatically select it.

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