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Report: Adobe to Launch Full Photoshop and Illustrator Apps on iPad

Reports suggest Adobe has plans to level the playing field between Surface tablets and iPad with a full release of its Photoshop app and a long-term strategy of cross-compatibility. The first app is allegedly set for launch in 2019.


New reports suggest will launch full versions of its Photoshop and Illustrator apps on iPad in a dramatic strategy shift. The software maker has long limited its mobile users to a dumbed down version of its editing software, but that may change.

The company's new strategy will opt for complete versions to enable cross-platform editing and propel growth in its subscription model. According to Bloomberg, users will be able to begin editing on one device and finish on another.

It draws strong parallels to 's Office 365 strategy, which lets users access apps in close to full form on any device at no extra cost. It's proven hugely successful for the company, which recently surpassed a market cap of $800 million.

A Long Way Out

However, sources familiar with the matter say not to expect Photoshop until 2019 and Illustrator even later. This is firmly a long-term strategy for Adobe motivated by the switch from traditional PCs to tablets.

As with Microsoft, sources say the apps won't be a clone of the desktop ones. Instead, they'll offer similar functionality in a tablet-oriented interface. Initially, they will run alongside the desktop, rather than replacing it.

Still, iff the reports are correct, the move will be a huge win for , particularly the iPad Pro. The availability of Adobe's apps has been a strong selling point for Microsoft's Surface devices, which run a full version of Windows 10.

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