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Microsoft Whiteboard Launches on Windows 10 after Successful Preview

The Microsoft Whiteboard app is finally available to all out of preview, bringing free collaboration to the masses and support for pen, mouse, tablet, and touch. The app will soon get an iOS and web version.


Whiteboard has finally scored a stable release following its announcement in May 2017. The collaborative app combines many of the Inking capabilities in the Office suite, from automatic shape creation to table creation.

Users can work together either locally or online with pen, mouse, keyboard and touch support. Documents sync automatically to the loud for use on any PC at a later date and inviting another user is as easy as sharing a link.

While collaborating, users see a little avatar to signify the work of another user, and color choices provide further clarity. According to Microsoft, the app has seen a surprising amount of use in its preview period, which has driven various improvements:

“Since releasing a preview of the app in December, more than 200,000 customers have helped us fine tune the feature set and end-user experience,” said a spokesperson. “Based on their feedback we've added a number of new features, including text notes, the ability to add and manipulate images, enhancements to shape and table recognition, accessibility improvements, compliance with various global standards, and more.”

Coming to Other Platforms Soon

Unlike Office, Whiteboard is available to all users with a Microsoft account, free of charge. In many scenarios, it may be able to replace its physical alternative, especially when combined with hardware like the Surface Hub.

However, Microsoft has also acknowledged that its platform restriction cuts into that vision. It's planning to release a version for iOS soon, as well as a web client for other devices. The result should be a fairly unified platform that's accessible from Linux, Chromebooks, and more.

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