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Microsoft Expands Office 365 Collaborative Tools with Analytic Solutions and Nudges

Expanding teamwork feature in Office 365, Microsoft has debuted MyAnalytics nudges and new Workplace Analytics solutions.


has today beefed up some of its business tools in this week, including debuting the free version of Teams. On Office 365, the company has revealed some interesting new additions that will give organizations more tools within a team environment.

Indeed, Microsoft's new features promote more creativity and engagement in teams. Workplace Analytics solutions in Office 365 give companies tools to develop actions plans from organization-wide data.

In a teamwork environment, teams will be able to improve time management. Microsoft says the new features are available in Office 365 under the Solutions tab. Users will need to be using Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics to get the solution.

Features available under the tab include the ability to see challenges currently stalling collaboration efficiently. Businesses can also enrol teams in change programs and measure teamwork progress.


Furthering the MyAnalytics toolset, Office 365 now supports a new feature called nudges. These are data-driven tips for a collaborative environment. These tips will appear in Office 365 as you work.

At the moment, four nudges are available, but more will arrive in the future. Currently, MyAnalytics supplies nudges when managing new invites, time saving in meetings, and email management:

  • “Get more focus time—As your calendar fills up with meetings, MyAnalytics will remind you to set aside time for focused work before accepting new invites. You can see available times and block them off without leaving your inbox. MyAnalytics will also notify you when a meeting invite conflicts with a block of focus time that you've already scheduled.
  • Run more effective meetings—As you create and receive meeting invites, MyAnalytics will nudge you to put good meeting habits into practice and save precious hours. For example, MyAnalytics will nudge you to delegate coworkers to cover a meeting for you if your schedule is already busy.
  • Reduce your after-hours impact on coworkers—MyAnalytics will actively nudge you to avoid sending after-hours emails as you draft them to coworkers that you've recently impacted outside of regular working hours.
  • Stay on top of to-do's and unread email—MyAnalytics already uses AI to remind you of tasks you promised over email to complete for coworkers (and tasks they asked you to get done). Now, MyAnalytics surfaces these reminders as you read emails from coworkers, so you can close out important tasks before taking on new ones. MyAnalytics will also remind you of unread email for your important contacts.”
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