Changing the color of hardware is marketing 101 when trying to get customers to buy something they may already have. This is never truer than in the game controller market. Microsoft has proved better than most at enticing customers back to their gamepads with unique innovative designs. With that in mind, the newly announced Xbox Wireless Controller Sport White Special Edition should please many.

Needless to say, the color of your gamepad does not really matter. However, customers are drawn to new designs and Microsoft has a solid business of gamers upgrading controllers. We have seen the company jump on this bandwagon with pads like the Sea of Thieves Glow in the Dark, New “The Duke”, and of course the excellent Elite controllers.

The company also has the Xbox Design Lab, where gamers can create their own individual and fully customizable controllers.

Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Controller Sport White Special Edition is another standout effort. It is an almost all-white pad with a cool mint green rubberized rear. The company has also added grey design elements to the front of the accessory.

In its marketing blurb, Microsoft discusses the design touches on the device:

“Inspired by trends in athletics and sports lifestyle, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Sport White Special Edition is the first controller in the new Sport series. It features an energetic color palette with a fresh white base color (the same white offered through Xbox Design Lab), mint accents, and grey and silver patterns. The grey rubberized diamond grip on the back of the controller is designed for comfort and will help you stay on target throughout your gaming session.”


We are not sure why it’s a sporty controller, there is nothing specific that evokes sports in general. It would have been nice for Microsoft to go all-in on the sports theme… soccer balls for buttons anyone?

As we already know with the Xbox Wireless Controller, the price is high. The new Xbox Wireless Controller Sport White Special Edition costs a hefty $80. It will be available from July 31 and oddly Microsoft has not made the accessory available on pre-order.