Lenovo’s Miix 630 2-in-1 Is Now Available with ‘Always Connected’ Functionality

The Lenovo Miix 630 offers up to 20 hours of battery life, a free keyboard and pen and an 8MP camera for $899. The device is available now in the US with Windows 10 S.

Image Source: Lenovo

The Miix 630 is now available following its announcement at CES this year. The Always-Connected PC features a Snapdragon 835 processor but 10 S functionality.

The ARM processor ensures a longer battery life than regular laptops, as well as integrated 4G LTE so users never have to worry about losing connection. It features a base model with 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal storage, with a 1080p screen, 13MP rear camera, and 5MP front.

Design-wise, the Miix 630 draws many similarities to 's Pro devices, featuring a tablet stand, detachable keyboard, and pen. However, unlike , bundles those accessories free of charge.

A Battery Powerhouse

As a result, it reminds us more of the Eve V, a humble Kickstarter project that has surprisingly few compromises. The Miix 620 offers significantly lower specs but a lower price to match, with 20 hours of battery life versus the Eve V's 6.

As a result, it could be a good pick for those who believe in 10 on ARM, especially once upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. Microsoft's newly announced Go, will be another competitor at $399 with similar RAM and an Intel Gold processor but 9 hours of battery.

Of course, you can also upgrade the Miix 630 to 8 GB of RAM if you wish, cutting out much of the slowdown in more intensive tasks. Previous hands-on describe the screen as bright as colorful, despite its lack of 4K, and the USB-C charging as another plus.

In essence, the 620 is looking like a very average device made infinitely stronger by its long battery life. It won't be for everyone, but its LTE functionality could make it ideal for travelers. You can grab it now from $899 at the Lenovo store.