Samsung AI Wins Microsoft’s MC MARCO Machine Learning Competition

Samsung has announced its ConZNet AI has won both MS MARCO and TriviaQA from the University of Washington artificial intelligence competitions.

is talking up the capabilities of its and for good reason. The company says its research team developed an AI that won two prestigious AI machine reading comprehension competitions. One was TriviaQA from the University of Washington, and the other was 's Machine Reading Comprehension (MS MARCO).

There are certain companies among tech's giant who have stood out in terms of development. is one, while , IBM, and Amazon have also made significant strides. There are of course many more, but perhaps has not been among the standout leaders.

In many ways, the South Korean giant operates quietly and drops innovations regularly. That's certainly true of the smartphone market, where Samsung does not receive nearly as much credit as it should for innovating.

Samsung was quick to point out that these competitions were used regularly by companies and researchers:

“MS MARCO and TriviaQA are among the actively researched and used machine reading comprehension competitions along with SQuAD of Stanford University and NarrativeQA of DeepMind. Distinguished universities around the world and global AI firms including Samsung are competing in these challenges.”

Both tests push the abilities of AI to assess how well can process natural language in Q&As designed for humans. For example, Microsoft's MS MARCO provides the AI with ten documents and a query. The artificial intelligence is tasked with finding the “optimum answer” based on the information available.

ConZNet AI

Samsung used its ConZNet, an algorithm that has been developed through the Reinforcement Learning method. Basically, it takes information from each outcome and uses the results to learn. Talking about the AI, Jihie Kim, Head of Language Understanding Lab at Samsung Research, said:

“We are developing an AI algorithm to provide answers to user queries in a simpler and more convenient manner, for real life purposes. Active discussion is underway in Samsung to adopt the ConZNet AI algorithm for products, services, customer response and technological development.”