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Microsoft’s $400 Surface Tablet Could Launch this Friday

A leaked document suggests Microsoft will make a movement on its Surface tablet this week, maybe even making the device available in the Microsoft Store.


Over the last couple of weeks, 's reported Surface tablet has seemingly become a reality, just as the likelihood of a Surface Phone all but collapsed. The latest piece of leaked information yet again suggests the Surface tablet (codenamed Libra) is indeed a thing, and it's coming. More importantly, the hardware could be announced as soon as this week.

One Reddit user posted an image that is apparently an official document from the device. The document suggests the Surface tablet will be introduced this week. Additional information points to the hardware coming with a new bespoke Type Cover.

The information coming from a source on a subreddit dedicated to Surface products. While an announcement this week may seem unlikely, it is not entirely impossible. We remain very sceptical though. The document suggests a 7/13 date for the launch on the .

In other words, it points to the device actually being available this week. There are a few potential scenarios at play here:

  1. The device in this document is not the Surface tablet, but instead some new configuration for an existing product.
  2. Microsoft will announce the tablet this week, but it won't be available to buy.
  3. It will be both launched and made available this week. This is the most unlikely considering no press event has been scheduled by Microsoft.

Definitely Coming

Information has been coming thick and fast regarding the Surface tablet. It is now a question of when Microsoft will announce it, not if the company will. A leaked Surface roadmap last month told us the device was a part of Microsoft's hardware schedule this year.

Last week, we reported on the new device making its way through the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC is a United States regulatory body that clear products to be sold in the country. We also saw the first benchmarks from the Surface tablet where it was competing against the more powerful and expensive MacBook.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 12:10 pm CEST

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