Microsoft Edge Receives Norton Safe Web Browser Extension

Symantec’s Norton Safe Web for Microsoft Edge gives users protection from attacks when they are browsing the web.

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Since launched alongside 10 three years ago, I have talked about it as an evolving browser. Of course, that was simply parroting Microsoft's own vision of the service. The company has been incrementally updating the browser. The latest step in the right direction is the introduction of a new extension.

Microsoft's softly-softly approach with Edge is frustrating for some. Certainly, it has prevented the browser from competing more directly with Chrome. Still, through each , is improving.

Extensions were a big deal back in 2016. Simple third-party (and Microsoft-owned) integrations into Edge help add significant functionality to the browser. From the company's own Skype to AdBlock Plus, have expanded in the two years following.

The latest integration comes in the form of Norton Safe Web from . This is a third-party offering and is designed to help users stay safe when browsing. Among the features available through the extension are:

  • Providing safety information about pages as you view them, using the latest threat intelligence information
  • Scans and tests websites in advance to warn you of potential issues
  • Blocks to malicious or fraudulent websites

Like other Microsoft , Norton Safe Web is available now from the Microsoft Store.

Expanding Extensions

Edge is not just a 10 deal these days. Microsoft has expanded the browser to iOS and Android in app form. However, not all of the extensions available on desktop are on mobile. Norton Safe Web is only on Windows 10, at least for the time being.

If may make the journey to other platforms eventually. Last month, Microsoft announced AdBlock Plus had made the journey to Android from Windows 10. However, AdBlock Plus on Edge Android is not an extension but is instead integrated directly into the browser.