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Report: Samsung Galaxy S10 Variant to Feature Three Rear Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy S10 will allegedly break the pattern with a combination of wide-angle and telephoto. However, the wide-angle will come at a cost: no autofocus.


By now, has a good idea of the specifications of its device, but a new report suggests it will have a feature not yet covered by leaks. According to All About Samsung, one of the many S10 variants will be the first to feature triple cameras.

The publication simply cites a ‘tipster', and were unable to verify the validity of its claims. However, the inclusion wouldn't be unheard of in the industry, with the Huawei P20 Pro already available with three rear cameras.

The P20 Pro was praised on its release for the significant engineering that went into its three module setup. It merges the information from all three lenses for extremely high photo quality in any setting. One is a telephoto and the other two wide angle.

Though it definitely feels like overkill for a phone, it's hard to argue against the usefulness. The publication says the top model will have the same main camera as the S9, as well as a wide angle and a 13MP 2.4 aperture lens. All three will sit horizontally next to each other rather than the P20 Pro's vertical choice.

The Mid-Range S10

All About Samsung also claims to have information about other variants of the S10, and fans may not be happy. Rumor has it that the mid-range device will stick with two cameras, but ditch its telephoto lens for a wide-angle 123-degree one.

As a result, the phone would be a powerhouse for landscape shots, but users will have to get used to ‘zooming with their feet' if they want good image quality. Either way, Samsung appears to be experimenting in a number of interesting ways, with a foldable also in the works.

Unfortunately, sources say the wide-angle camera on all devices will not feature autofocus or optimical image stabliziation, making it more suitable for pros than casual users.

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