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Microsoft Rolls out Windows 10 Build 17692 to Slow Ring with Gaming Performance Metrics

Windows 10 Build 17692 brings a host of improvements to many aspects of the OS, from accessibility tools to gaming, the on-screen keyboard, and more. It's available now to Slow Ring Insiders.


After months of silence, has finally released a build to the Insider Slow ring, and it comes with a number of significant features. Among them is SwiftKey integration in Windows 10's on-screen keyboard, making for better predictions.

Though the on-screen keyboard looks exactly the same as previous builds, there's a lot going on under the hood. It's powered by SwifKey's honed neural net, which learns the words and phrases users use.

Windows 10 build 17692 also introduces some improvements to Microsoft Edge. The browser has seen some changes to its WebDriver developer testing tool. The free cloud-based solution is now a Windows Feature on Demand, meaning it updates automatically with the OS.

Accessibility, Gaming, and Mixed Reality

At the same time, Microsoft is continuing to improve its key areas. This build contains a ton of accessibility improvements, including the ability to increase text size system-wide. Narrator has also seen significant improvements, from a new screen reader-focused keyboard layout to text searching and content selection.

Overlay tool Game bar also has some features that may make it worth having. Users are finally able to use it see their FPS in games, both in real-time and over time. This combined with CPU, GPU, and RAM usage so you can identify hardware bottlenecks.

Crucially, you can also use the tool to adjust game audio while playing, saving you from tabbing out to adjust background music or voice audio to your liking. You can also change your default audio output to switch from speakers to headphones.

Of course, Microsoft is pushing forward its Mixed Reality capabilities too, letting users stream audio to the headset and through a pair of speakers at the same time. There are also new error codes to make it far easier to troubleshoot.

Finally, Search has been improved in the Start Menu, letting users look for and download software without having to open a browser. You can view the full changelog for buildĀ 17692 on the official blog, as well as the known issues.

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