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LinkedIn Expands Journalism Goals by Ignoring Facebook’s Model

LinkedIn has created a 50-strong team of journalists to create original content and uses human curators to ensure news items on the site are legitimate and high-quality.


While services like have tried to diversify in a cover-all-bases model, has stayed steadfast. Rivals have become social, business, retail, and advertising networks, while 's service remains dedicated to business. However, LinkedIn is diversifying more into original content through a journalistic platform.

Of course, fits well with LinkedIn's business roots, so it's not like the company is delving into comedy television. Instead, the network has created a 50-man team of professional journalists to create new content.

The decision is part of LinkedIn's wider plan to implement original content through journalistic media. Among the team are journalists who have worked from industry giants such as Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, The Associated Press and The Daily Beast.

Interestingly, LinkedIn appears to be making a more organic approach than rivals. Facebook has served users journalism through curated articles from online for years. The fake news agenda was largely built on the platform, which does not have human journalists in-house or ways of legitimizing content.

Human Touch

LinkedIn is at least attempting to be more serious about its content. It is employing actual journalists and human curators. While this won't lead to content that is agreeable to everyone, it is hoped the news presented will at least be more organic and accurate than the crap shoot on Facebook.

To help achieve its goals, the editorial team has access to LinkedIn's Economic Graph. This supplied a big data presentation of all 560 million members, 20 million companies, 60,000 school listings, 50,000 job skill titles, and 15 million job opening listings on the site.

Let us know below, would you choose LinkedIn as a destination for your news content?

SourceThe Drum
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