Windows 10 and Windows 7 Grow in Latest NetMarketShare Data

Windows 10 is continuing to find its way onto more devices but cannot catch the still increasing Windows 7.

Web Analytics firm has released its data for June 2018, highlighting the continued growth of . Measuring the number of in user, 10 grew against other Windows versions and rival platforms. Netmarketshare shows 's operating system was running on 34.92% of devices it studied. While that is a growth, it is a very small one as May's data showed Windows 10 on 34.74% of devices. Despite growing, Windows 10 is still behind the aging . According to the data, the old Win7 remains the most used desktop operating system and is even enjoying growth. In May the platform had a leading 41.79% of device share, which increased to 43.03% in June. Of course, we already know Windows 7's popularity is due to its ubiquity in enterprise. Organizations will likely cling to the platform, at least until Microsoft finally ends support in 2020. Until then the OS will maintain a high percentage of device usage. The question is whether Windows 10 will overtake it during that time. As for the rest of the desktop market in terms of device use, 's is the best of the non-Windows rest. In total, the platform accounted for 9.73% of devices covered, with OS X 10.13 leading Apple's charge with 5.36% in third place overall.

Legacy Success

Other Windows versions are also doing well despite age being against them. .1 was used on 4.89% of PCs last month. Elsewhere the interesting life of continued with 3.96% of the market. It always amazes us how the 17-year old OS still holds such a share, which is only under 2% lower than Apple's latest platform. Finally, the much-maligned Windows 8 is still hanging tough with 1.07% of the market.