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Microsoft Edge to Receive Settings Overhaul in Windows 10 Redstone 5

Insiders will be able to test a new Microsoft Edge settings UI this week as Microsoft prepares the overhaul for the upcoming Redstone 5 update.


We already know is working on transforming how users control options through the Settings app. However, the company is also working on overhauling the Settings UI on the . It is expected the first step of this redesign will land on the Windows Insider Program this week.

The fresh look will change how users interact with configurations in Microsoft Edge. Currently, the settings options in the browser are located on the right and are accessed via a drop-down menu. When opening this menu, the settings features match the general UI of Windows 10.

Obviously, a two-click process to access settings is hardly difficult. Still, Microsoft believes it can make the process more efficient and the results more aesthetically pleasing.

The company is working on a new Microsoft Edge settings environment that will arrive with . For the first time, settings options will be grouped together into separate categories. This will make finding intricate settings easier for users.

Edge Growth

This is another example of Microsoft's ongoing development of Edge. When the browser first arrived with Windows 10 it was a very basic app. The company ensured that Edge was an evolving service that was competing with mature browsers like Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

In other words, Edge would need time to reach the feature-set of rival browsers. Over the years since then, Microsoft has developed Edge with new features, security, and abilities. Is it as good as market leader Chrome? Probably not, but Microsoft insists the browser is moving in the right direction.

As mentioned, the new Microsoft Edge settings will be launched with Redstone 5. Microsoft's next upgrade for Windows 10 will arrive this fall. That gives the company several months to test and improve the new settings design with feedback from Windows Insiders.

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