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Xbox One Alpha Ring Gets 1806 Preview Build with Important Fixes

The Xbox One Alpha Ring build fixes display issues with the home screen, Wi-Fi stability, pin deletion in Groups, and more. Despite this, a number of minor known issues still remain.


While slogs away diligently at E3, the Xbox team is doing the same at home. Amidst news of big game announcements, a new alpha build is rolling out to Insiders with a number of important fixes.

It's not the most glamourous update, but the new 1806 version makes the experience more stable. One of the biggest fixes is for leaderboards when controller sharing in Mixer. They now work, taking away a huge annoyance.

The Home screen is also back to normal, with content in dashboard tabs now loading correctly and Gamertags and Gamerscore aligning perfectly. The recent Groups feature is also getting tweaks, fixing issues with deleting pins, adding items, and rewards app compatibility.

Xbox One Alpha Ring 1806 Changelog

There are a number of minor fixes alongside those major, which you can view in full below:

  • Games/Apps
    • Fixed an issue in which saved data syncs were failing for some users for various games and apps..
  • Groups
    • Fixed an issue where some users were unable to delete pins from Groups.
    • Fixed an issue where items being added to groups are not appearing everywhere on the dashboard correctly.
    • Fixed the issue with the Rewards app that resulted in no access to Groups
  • Localization
  • Various localization fixes across the console.
  • Messages
    • Users should no longer encounter issues attempting to view, send, or receive messages.
  • My Games & Apps
    • Fixed an issue where the Updates section would not load for some users.
  • Mixer
    • Fixed an issue where using a USB camera would result in a green screen while broadcasting.
  • Narrator
    • Narrator text updated when a game is installing.
  • Wi-Fi
    • Improvements to the stability to Wi-Fi after coming out of Instant on.
  • System Performance
    • Misc. performance fixes in the platform.”

Despite the hard work, there are still a ton of issues with this build, but they aren't major ones. The biggest is friend status failing to update correctly and issues with Netflix and Dolby Atmos. You can read the full list of problems on Xbox Wire and decide for yourself.

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