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Survey Finds Windows 10 Updates Cause Issues for 50% of PCs

Advocacy firm Which says 50% of participating users say Windows 10 updates have caused problems on PC, some of them serious.


Microsoft is in the midst of rolling out the Windows 10 April 2018 Update to the masses. New updates are always tricky beasts and some problems are inevitable. However, in terms of Windows 10 updates, it seems a toss of a coin could decide if your machine gets issues. A new survey suggests 50% of Windows users have problems with a Windows 10 Update.

Consumer advocacy site Which asked its members whether they have experienced issues with Windows 10 updates. The results show 50% of respondents have had problems, and some were serious.

1,100 people were surveyed, with 21% pointing to software compatibility as the root of the issue they faced. 16% had hardware problems do deal with, such as keyboard malfunctions or other peripherals not working. Some users also reported their machines simply failed to work post update.

In its accompanying report, Which says 46% of non-functioning PCs needed to be fixed by a third-party. The average cost of repairs across affected participants was $90 per machine. The advocacy company suggests users should not have to pay for these repairs considering their PCs worked before the update. As it was Microsoft’s software the caused the issue, the company should pay.

It seems problems with Windows 10 updates have been consistent in recent years. Which says over the last 3 years it has received more questions/complaints about Windows 10 than all other operating systems combined.

Among the suggestions to help customers, Which says Microsoft should be more open about the potential problems updates cause. Furthermore, the company should have more robust opt-out facilities in place.

“We want to make sure our customers receive the right support they need to get the best Windows update experience and we will continue to review customer enquiries and issues on a case-by-case basis to ensure individual help and resolution where possible.

“In addition, Which members are very important to us so we are currently exploring ways in which we can work together in the future to ensure they have the support that they need in a way that is easy and quick.”


It’s interesting that wide-scale problems with Windows 10 updates remain. The Windows Insider Program allows Microsoft to preview features and stability ahead of a full launch. It seems the program is not doing a good job to weeding out problems.

If that’s a case, it seems a lottery for users as to whether they will face issues with the April 2018 Update. I have updated two PCs to the newest Win10 version with not problems, have you been so lucky?

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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