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Halo 5: Guardians Won’t Be Coming to PC Any Time Soon

Once again, 343 Industries has confirmed that it isn't working on Halo 5 for PC and that it has no plans at this time. The confusion arose after a store listing was updated with Windows 10 as a platform.


Despite changes to Store listings, Halo 5: Guardians won't be coming to PC. The confusion began when a webpage for the game was updated with a Windows 10 logo, signaling PC availability.

A player then spoke to Microsoft support, who confirmed Halo 5: Guardians was playable on PC. Unfortunately, it appears the agent was mistaken. On Resetera, Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor admitted the error.

“Sorry guys that's an error. That's two inaccurate Halo stories this morning but understandable,” he said.

“It's not impossible H5 could come to PC one day but it's not being worked on at this time. Black and white, no semantic trickery.”

Halo: Infinite is Coming to PC

A spokesperson later told Windows Central that the Windows 10 logo is a reference to the existing Forge offering. The content gives access to Halo 5's map creation tools, as well as the ability to host custom matches.

It makes the Windows 10 logo questionable at best and misleading at worst. However, with Halo: Infinite in development, it's unlikely gamers will be too upset. Halo 5 is considered one of the worst in the franchise, and there's only so long you can wait before you lose interest.

With Microsoft's promise that “Every new title published from Microsoft Studios will support Xbox Play Anywhere,” we can expect the next Halo game to come to PC, the first in the franchise in over a decade.

Unfortunately, with 343 industries full steam ahead with that new title, it seems unlikely the developers will shift focus to a PC port any time soon. Unfortunately, it's looking like Infinite is still many years away, so fans may have a long time to wait.

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