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A $225,000 Mozilla Program Will Examine AI’s Threat to an Open Internet

The Mozilla awards will give artists and coders a chance to express AI's biggest problems in a digestible way, funding browser add-ons, journalism, and more.


It's likely AI will bring many benefits to society. Giants like Microsoft have been open about the advances in healthcare, customer service, road accident prevention, and more. It will increase productivity and safety, becoming the defining technology of our generation.

However, there is also cause for concern. The AI we create can inadvertently amplify the bias of its creators. It can be used to censor, spread fake news, break encryption, and more. These are all genuine concerns that browser creator and privacy advocate is looking to promote.

Mozilla Award Details

As part of its Mozilla awards program, the non-profit will offer $225,000 in support of artists and creators. Two winners will get $50,000 and a further five will get funding of $25,000, including a travel stipend for MozFest.

“We're seeking projects that explore artificial intelligence and machine learning,” says the company. “In a world where biased algorithms, skewed data sets, and broken recommendation engines can radicalize YouTube users, promote racism, and spread fake news, it's more important than ever to support artwork and advocacy work that educates and engages internet users.”

The awards are in collaboration with the Ford, Knight, MacArthur, and Open Society Foundations, and encompass a range of projects. Previous winners include the Data Selfie add-on, the web-based advocacy game Paperstorm, and more.

A board of Mozilla staff, fellows, current alumni will assess the projects, with consideration for application diversity, past work, and medium. Applications will run from now until August 1st, with winners notified on September 15.

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