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Microsoft Azure Gets 12 Terabyte RAM Virtual Machine

Microsoft has announced new VMs for Azure that provide huge RAM support for users who require large memory amounts for workloads.


is bringing Azure customers RAM power far exceeding anything the company currently offers. For users who use massive amounts of memory, the new Azure virtual machines will provide the necessary RAM.

Even Azure customers using huge terabytes of memory, the new VM offerings will be a good choice. Microsoft says the next VMs will arrive soon and are based on 's Xeon Scalable servers.

Microsoft says it will release a number of virtual machine types that have been especially designed to work in intensive memory situations. For Azure customers, the standard running environment is SAP Hana database service.

So, we known a 12 terabyte VM is arriving soon, but Microsoft also announced a 192 GB machines. This VM will provide an extension to the lower end of Hana-optimized Azure machines.

Microsoft announced the following VM changes today:

  • Industry leading M-series VM sizes offering memory up to 12 TB on a single VM, the largest memory for a single VM in the public cloud for in-memory workloads such as SAP HANA. With these larger VM configurations, we are not only advancing the limits of virtualization in the cloud but also the performance of SAP HANA on VMs. These new sizes will be based on Intel Xeon Scalable (Skylake) processors, with more details available in the coming months.
  • Newer M-series VM sizes with memory as low as 192 GB, extending M-series VM range from 192 GB to 4 TB in RAM, available now, enabling fast scale-up and scale-down with 10 different size choices. M-series VMs are certified for SAP HANA and available worldwide in 12 regions. Using Azure ARM template automation scripts for SAP HANA, you can deploy entire SAP HANA environments in just minutes compared to weeks on-premises.
  • New SAP HANA TDIv5 optimized configurations for SAP HANA availability on Azure Large Instances with memory sizes of 6 TB, 12 TB, 18 TB. In addition to this, we now offer the industry-leading public cloud instance scale for SAP HANA with our new 24TB TDIv5 configuration. This extends our purpose-built SAP HANA offering to 15 different instance choices. With these new configurations, you can benefit from a lower price for TDIv5 configuration with an unparalleled 99.99% SLA for SAP HANA infrastructure and the ability to step up to larger configurations.
  • New Standard SSDs provide a low-cost SSD-based Azure Disk solution, optimized for test and entry-level production workloads requiring consistent performance and high throughput. You will experience improved latency, reliability and scalability as compared to Standard HDDs. Standard SSDs can be easily upgraded to Premium SSDs for more demanding and latency-sensitive enterprise workloads. Standard SSDs come with the same industry leading durability and availability that our clients expect from Azure Disks.

Standard SSDs

Additionally, Microsoft announced Standard SSDs for Azure, which are available immeadiately. With the new SSDs, Azure will provide users with a new entry-level workload base. It is for entry-level productions that need solid disk performance but not at the high cost of more premium SSD choices.

“The new Azure Standard SSD Disks store data on Solid State Drives (SSDs), like our existing Premium Storage Disks. Whereas our Standard HDD disks store data on Hard Disk Drive (HDD). With the addition of Standard SSD, Azure now offers three types of persistent Disks for use with Azure Virtual machines, optimized for different workload requirements: Premium SSD Disks, Standard SSD Disks, and Standard HDD Disks.”

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