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Office 365 Threat Intelligence Gets Threat Tracker Tool

Microsoft first announced Threat Tracker for Office 365 Threat Intelligence at Ignite last year, and now says it is widely available to all users.


Earlier this week, confirmed that its new “Threat Tracker” tool for Threat Intelligence is widely available. Subscribers to the cloud productivity suite can get Threat Tracker through SharePoint Online and Exchange Online.

Developed for Office 365 Threat Intelligence, the service deliver security tracking tools. For example, users can get insights into phishing and malware threats. Microsoft first announced this feature back at its Ignite conference last year.

Since then, it has been in preview for some Office 365 years. In a blog post, Microsoft explains the two categories for protection for Threat Tracker:

Noteworthy Campaigns are classified, as well known and important global threats.  Office 365 Threat Intelligence pre-builds Noteworthy Campaign monitors, enabling admins to quickly review the impact of these threats, assessing both their volume and frequency.  This automated monitoring allows admins speedy remediation from these threats.  Noteworthy Campaign monitors update hourly, showing the latest impact of these threats to your organization. Click ‘Explore' if you want to see the detailed events detected by the filter.   

Trending Campaigns view provides dynamic assessments of email threats impacting your organization's Office 365 . This view shows tenant level malware trends, identifying malware families on the rise, flat, or declining, giving admins greater insight into which threats require further attention.  New threats not seen recently in your organization will appear at the top of the page (sorted by trend).  Trending Campaigns also offers a comparative view on how a threat impacts your organization versus others.  If an organization's targeting percentage is >10%, it indicates that it is being specifically targeted by the attack.”

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection is Microsoft's preventative security technology. It arrived on the cloud productivity during April 2017. The solution is design to stop zero-day exploits before they can corrupt a machine.

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