Bing Ads Now Integrated with Adobe Launch for UET Improvements

Adobe and Microsoft announced a collaboration that brings Bing Ads and Adobe Cloud Platform Launch together, bringing more Universal Event Tracking integration.

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has announced a new collaboration with . The partnership will see integrate Launch by into its system. With this addition, Bing will now have Universal Event Tracking (UET) through the Launch advanced tag system.

In a blog post, the team points out website tags are essential for assessing how well an ad campaign is performing. Increasing ambition of marketing across various channels means managing tags is hugely important. Doing so in an efficient way is also vital, especially as multiple tags are often in use.

Now the Adobe Cloud Platform Launch is integrated with Bing Ads and Universal Event Tracking. Launch is the next-generation tag management system that aims to unify marketing campaigns and strategy.

Jim La Force, Partner Account Executive at Bing Ads said the new integration will richly reward advertisers.

“Launch by Adobe is a giant step forward in providing advertisers with a comprehensive tag management solution. Bing Ads was able to quickly integrate into this revolutionary new platform. And advertisers will experience how much easier it is for them to get started and stay up-to-date with our Bing Ads tag.”

UET Tags

UET tags help campaigns by bringing several key features to users. For example, conversion tracking, automated bidding, and reporting insights all come with UET.

Speaking about the collaborations, Adobe's Director of Product Management for , Corey Spencer said:

“We built Launch by Adobe with open APIs so that brands can effortlessly integrate all of their favorite tools to speed up workflows and scale.”