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Apple iPhone Shift to OLED Spells Trouble for LCD Market

Apple will make all iPhone device exclusively OLED by 2019, leaving the LCD market without its leading OEM partner.


With the launch of the X last year, adopted OLED screen technology for the first time. The company followed Android manufacturers to the technology. However, Cupertino still stuck with its more traditional LCD displays on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Even though the iPhone X was the odd one out next to the iPhone 8 range, it signalled a changing ethos for Apple. The company is reported to be moving fully behind OLED technology with the next range of iPhones.

Just what those devices will be remains to be seen. Whether it's the iPhone 9, iPhone X2, or any other name, all new handsets will get OLED panels. The effect of Apple turning full attention to OLED will be a major decline in the LCD screen market.

The LCD market already lost out to OLED displays in the TV market. In terms of mobile, Apple's use of LCD allowed the screen technology to maintain a major presence. However, now Cupertino is also adopting OLED, there are few vendors interested in LCD.

Increasing Competition

It is worth pointing out some industry insiders say Apple will not go full OLED until 2019. That means of the three reported iPhone launching this year, one may still have LCD. Either way, the shift is now well underway and how LCD competes from here will be interesting.

Interestingly, LCD remains the more cost-effective technology, so some OEMs of TVs and phones will continue to use it. Many smartphone OEMs still use LCD, although major vendors like Samsung and now Apple are increasingly turning to OLED.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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