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Microsoft Teams Gets Support for HoloLens’ Remote Assist Preview

Microsoft Teams users can now get a direct PoV of HoloLens users, delegate calls, copy existing teams, and more. It marks the most significant feature update in several months.


A new Microsoft Teams update is rolling out to users with some major upgrades. The May 2018 Update adds several new tools that will prove invaluable to enterprises and generally speed up the collaboration process.

One of those is support for Remote Assist, a Mixed Reality preview app that's free on the Store. The functionality lets team users open a two-way call between the Teams desktop client and a HoloLens, proving a direct PoV of the headset wearer. You can then annotate, share images, and more to aid training scenarios.

In that vein, Microsoft is also introducing a new general calling feature. You can now check in with colleagues to see if they're ready before transferring a call, either by chat or audio call. The feature is available to anyone with an Enterprise Voice License and can be found under the more options menu during a call.

Delegation and Quick Team Creation

The other features coming to aren't quite as exciting but will be very useful. Users will be able to create a new team from an existing one, keeping settings, channels, tabs, and members. This will make it much faster to expand and probably should have been there since the start.

Finally, more call options come in the form of delegation. Users will can now make others their delegate in Teams. This lets them take all your incoming calls, as well as make calls for you.

Together, these features add up to a more robust calling experience and the most significant feature update in several months. You can read the full changelog on the Office support site.

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