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Evidence for Microsoft’s ‘Andromeda’ Foldable Mounts as Clues Found in Latest SDK

Yet another hint has surfaced about Microsoft's Andromeda foldable, with references to an OS and a device in the latest SDK. It follows a steady flow of information over the past few months.


We've seen countless patents for 's foldable device, and the evidence is starting to suggest it may actually .  In February, we saw references to the code name ‘Andromeda' in an SDK, and it's been followed by further clues.

Twitter's WalkingCat has found references in the latest SDK to both ‘', and ‘Factory OS Andromeda Device'. The lines were founding the ImagingEditions.xml, with additional mentions of ‘Windows Core' and ‘Polaris'.

The information lines up with previous reports to build wider speculation about Microsoft's vision. Last year, Windows Central published information about the Andromeda OS, a modular Windows operating system that will make it a truly universal platform.

What Will Microsoft's Foldable Look Like?

Shortly after, the publication surfaced reports about an Andromeda foldable device, likely the flagship for that new experience. Code in Microsoft Whiteboard mentions a ‘Journal' app, as well as left and right pages.

We've also seen several patents for hinges, screens, and cameras, as well as graphics from an official Facebook page. Essentially, everything is pointing to this being a real thing that's coming to market, and Microsoft has even espoused why the time is right for .

Despite all this, it's not entirely clear what the device might look like. The render looks far too clunky, and the variation of patents makes it hard to nail down what design Microsoft will choose.

However, early reports indicate that Microsoft is going for a hinge-based device, rather than Samsung's alleged bendable display. Such a move could work in Microsoft's favor due to a smaller footprint and fewer durability issues, but would also look less futuristic.

There's no indication of a release date or official confirmation, but the number of recent references suggest it's not too far away.

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