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Microsoft Announces AI-Powered Personalization for Office.com

The new Office.com homepage features AI-powered document suggestions, as well as recommended content from other employees. It joins a number of other changes to SharePoint, including automatic image processing.


announced a number of features at its SharePoint summit yesterday, the most notable being SharePoint Spaces. However, amidst the Mixed Reality hype, the team is making smaller tweaks to the experience.

One of those is a new Office.com homepage. From now on, it will feature AI-powered suggestions to help you get to the work that matters. In the recommended section, users will see files that most require their attention, while the discover section will show documents colleagues are working on.

The AI-driven Office.com features extend to images, where there will be automatic image and video processing. It can determine where photos were taken and the text taken, allowing for an easy search process. Improved business card reading is also coming from Microsoft Pix is to the OneDrive app.

SharePoint Mobile and Flow

Improvements are also coming to the SharePoint mobile app, which features a brand new find tab. Users are now able to find content, people, and answers on the go, with links to recent documents, site recommendations, news, and more.

Like other Microsoft product, the results are continually updated as the user's searches to speed up the process, returning answers relevant to their position and work. It can also show instant answers if the user's organization has curated queries.

Finally, Microsoft demonstrated how you can tie the features together with Flow. With the web app, you can streamline the use of geolocation, text recognition, machine translation, and more.

You can read more in the official blog post.

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