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Survey: OneDrive Most Popular Enterprise Cloud Storage by Some Margin

According to a survey, OneDrive is deployed in 51% of companies worldwide, beating out Google Drive and Dropbox by a significant margin. The solution is most popular in large businesses.


and iCloud are incredibly popular with mobile users, but a new survey reveals the extent of OneDrive's dominance in business. Spiceworks quizzed 544 North American and European businesses on their and found a clear winner.

The survey suggests 51% of enterprises use OneDrive, with a further 6% planning to deploy in the next sixth months. Its closest competitors are Drive and , which both sit at 34% with a 1% growth over the next year.

's iCloud is the fourth at 13%, while Box, Citrix and Amazon Drive show between 3 and 6% each. However, perhaps more incredible is the huge growth OneDrive has experienced over the past two years. Spiceworks' previous survey put OneDrive at 31%, while 33% used DropBox and 27% Google Drive.

Source: Spiceworks

As you would expect, the amount of companies using cloud storage is growing, sitting at 80%. A further 16% plan to adopt within the next two years for a total of 96%. All of these figures come from those who have deployed company-wide, though there's likely some who use more than one solution.

Pulling in Large Companies

According to the survey, OneDrive is most popular in large companies, which account for 59% of its share. Comparatively, medium businesses sit at 54%, and small 47%. That picture begins to change once you look at its competitors, with Google Drive most popular for small businesses, and Dropbox medium.

Source: Spiceworks

The reason for this is quite clear: . includes 1 TB with each Office 365 Business subscription. For companies large enough to pay the $10 per user per month cost, it works out a good deal.

It seems Microsoft's government contracts and security features have also paid off. 39% of businesses in the survey said they associate OneDrive with security, versus Drive's 28%. 97% said enterprises said security was an important to extremely important priority, so OneDrive's popularity makes sense in that regard.

The information from the survey was collected in April from a variety of company sizes and industries. You can find the full write up on the Spiceworks blog.

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