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Minecraft’s Update Aquatic Rolls out to Xbox One, Windows 10, and VR Devices

Phase One of Minecraft's Update Aquatic adds a wealth of content, including fish, buried treasure, shipwrecks, ruins, and more. It's not yet available for the legacy Java version.


's Update Aquatic is now available on , , and a number of VR and Mixed reality devices. The release is just one stage of a two-part update that significantly revamps the game's underwater content.

Unfortunately, the Java version of Minecraft won't be receiving the update just yet. Mojang says it will be ‘coming soon', alongside Aquatic's second part. Xbox 360 users will also have to wait, and this will be the last update they get.

Instead, will be focusing on the new Bedrock Engine version of Minecraft. It supports improved graphics, cross-platform play, VR, and more. Last-gen consoles make up just 5% of the player base, so the move makes sense.

Minecraft Update Aquatic Changelog

Though this is only a partial update, it includes a wealth of content. Here are the features coming to the game this time around:

  • “Fish (salmon, cod, pufferfish, tropical fish)
  • Bucket of fish
  • Coral (coral, coral fans, coral blocks)
  • Kelp, Dried Kelp, Kelp Block
  • Dolphins (follow boats, get a boost swimming next to them)
  • Icebergs
  • Blue Ice
  • Nine Ocean Biomes (frozen, deep frozen, cold, deep cold, lukewarm, deep lukewarm, normal, deep normal, warm)
  • Underwater Ravines & caves
  • Sea grass
  • Sea pickle (w/ illumination! Up to 4 in a block – only light up underwater)
  • Shipwrecks
  • Treasure chests (in ruins, shipwrecks)
  • Ruins
  • Swimming
  • Treasure Map
  • Buried Treasure
  • Heart of the Sea in buried treasure chests (non-active)
  • Trident
  • Trident enchantment
  • Stripped Logs
  • Buttons, Trap Doors, Pressure Plates with variation
  • Carved Pumpkins
  • Floating Items
  • Boat Polish (smoother control)
  • 8 new achievements
  • Water has a completely new look and increased visibility while underwater
  • Prismarine Stairs and Slabs
  • New swimming animation while sprinting in water
  • Minecraft: Edition Chemistry features can now be enabled under Cheats! For tips on getting started, check out the Chemistry Lab Journal.”

It's already clear this will be the most significant shakeup of Minecraft for some time, and it's a good spot to say to goodbye to older versions. If you don't yet have the game, you can grab it from the Microsoft Store.

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