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Facebook Adds Reactions and HD Photos to Messenger for Windows 10 Beta

Messenger for Windows 10 has scored a number of important features that put it closer to web and mobile versions. It also features a revamped settings menu, new search interface, and more.


Users of Facebook's messaging service won't have to use the web app for much longer. The giant is bringing a number of features to its Messenger for Windows 10 beta that brings it in-line with its mobile and browser apps.

Facebook hasn't provided a changelog for its app, but WindowsBlogItalia has painstakingly searched for the additions. One of the major features is the ability to send photos in HD via a settings toggle. The functionality extends to videos, which will send in HD automatically from then on.

Other major additions include an availability toggle, which can be found in the settings menu. Enabling it means friends won't be able to see if you're online if you're busy talking to others. Message reactions have also made a return, though I still don't know anyone who actually uses them. You can disable them per-chat by changing the contact's notification preferences.

Messenger for Windows 10 Beta Changelog

You'll also notice the following, less major features, which we've translated from Italian:

  • New search interface: Opening the search bar now displays contacts, companies, and people before you start typing.
  • Search for stickers: You can click the magnifying glass in the stickers section to browse different categories and package groups.
  • Settings redesign: The ‘Settings' section has seen a major overhaul. Your profile picture is displayed at the top much like the mobile app. You'll then see availability, username change options, and other options.
  • Bug fixes and improvements.

With these changes, Messenger for beta is much closer to a full release. It still has a number of visual bugs, but most of the important features are there. Its availability will be important to users like me who don't use the News Feed portion of Facebook and want Action Center notifications.

You can download the beta now from the Microsoft Store.

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