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Microsoft to Axe Older Versions of Skype for Windows 10

Users on older versions of Skype for Windows 10 are getting emails asking them to update or lose access to the app. Microsoft is yet to give a reason for the enforcement.


appears to be cutting off users on older versions of Skype for Windows 10. According to WindowsUnited, an email is being sent to users asking them to update before May 25 or they'll lose access. It reads:

“We noticed you are using a version of for that will no longer work after May 25, 2018. Older conversation history may be impacted during the upgrade. If you need help backing up your chat contact us. Not able to upgrade? Tell us more.”

The date conincides with the enforcement of new GDPR data regulations in Europe, but may be unrelated. Microsoft has a number of reasons to discontinue the versions, from security to incompabililities with users on different versions or Windows features.

However, for those who disagree with Skype's recent direction, it's a point of contention. A number of design updates attempt to make the app more modern direction. In doing so, it removed a number of options which many relied on.

Skype Classic Still Available

Thankfully, Skype Classic is still available as a regular desktop app, though its survival did come under question. Earlier this year, the download link was removed for Windows 10 users due to a security bug.

Thankfully, Microsoft fixed the issue and made the app accessible in March. However, while v7.41 doesn't feature the new design, it lacks Windows 10 integrations, so it's not a direct replacement.

If you want those, you're going to have to put up with the latest version of Skype, which is available via the Microsoft Store.

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