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Windows 10 Mail: Microsoft Rolls out More Signature Options

Windows 10 Mail now supports images, fonts, bold, underline, and more, though there are still a number of issues with the implementation. The update pushes the version to 17.9226.21485.0.


The Windows 10 Mail app is simple, integrated directly in the OS, and well-designed. Unfortunately, it’s also missing a number of advanced features, but Microsoft is beginning to address that.

The latest improvement to make the app is rich text signature support. It seems to be available on a number of different builds, such as our Fall Creators update PC. The update lets users add more than just plain text to signatures, introducing images, fonts, colors, and more.

The option is available via Settings>Signature and takes the form of a pop-out window rather than the previous in-app sidebar. For users, it means the ability to create useful signatures without having to visit each email service in the browser.

Unfortunately, we’ve noticed a number of issues already, including an inability to insert links or position text correctly with images. It’s likely Microsoft will have a fix for this soon.

Fluent Design Changes in Windows 10 Mail

It’s also worth noting that this joins a slew of updates to Windows 10 Mail over the past year. The most recent of them is an adjustment to Fluent Design in the app.

Microsoft is making sure you can see more emails at the same time via spacing adjustments. Users can choose between three modes to suit their preferences, with up to 84% more emails shown on screen.

It’s clear the company is trying to make Windows 10 Mail useful to all its users and signatures are particularly important in the workplace. You can grab the latest version from the Microsoft Store.

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