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Microsoft Unveils Surface Hub 2 with 50.5-Inch 4K+ Display

The Surface Hub 2 features a huge display that can be paired with up to four others for a collaborative meeting environment. The device will launch in 2019 and its specs are currently unknown.


has finally unveiled the 2, an impressive mega-touchscreen design for conference room and collaboration. The device features a 50.5-inch, 4K+ display with thin bezels and a 3:2 aspect ratio.

It's all packed into a very small footprint, with both portable and wall-mounted options available. It contains a 4K-camera that rotates with the screen, integrated speakers, far-field mic arrays, and multi-touch support.

Just as impressive is the ability to tile up to 4 Surface Hub 2's together for an even larger screen. Users can work on each independently and in unison. Moreover, multiple people can sign into the same workspace using fingerprints, with access to all of their documents to merge with their teammates.


The device will also have improvements on the software side via a custom version of and deep integration with Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Office 365. At one point, the video even shows a user flicking a document from the Surface Laptop onto the big screen.

Details Still Sparse

Unfortunately, the exact specifications of the device aren't yet available. Microsoft is yet to reveals its dimensions, weight, processor, or even if a camera is included. It seems the company is still working on nailing all the details but wants to give companies a glance at what's to come.

Even so, the fact this technology is close to being available says a lot. It draws a lot of parallels to Microsoft's 2011 productivity future vision, which features a lot of big touchscreens and bezel-less displays.

However, unlike much of that tech, the Surface Hub 2 will be available next year. Microsoft says it will be competitively priced, but hasn't given any further hints.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 12:13 pm CEST

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