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Microsoft Swaps out Surface Pro Listing for Higher Memory, Same Price Variant

Microsoft is offering users a better deal on its 128GB i5 Surface Pro variant, adding 4GB of extra RAM for the same price. This should make it more competitive with Eve V while providing better value.


Microsoft has pulled its 4 GB Surface Pro variant from the store in favor of a new configuration. The new model contains the same Core i5 processor and storage as the previous entry-level option, but has 8GB of RAM.

Thankfully, it’s priced at the same $999 as its predecessor. It seems Microsoft is adjusting its strategy to provide variance to its $799 Core m3 4GB configuration. For the extra $200, some may now be persuaded to choose the new model, especially with student discounts.

Though other retailers haven’t removed their listings for the 4GB version, we assume they will do so soon as stock dwindles. As well as adjusting its internal sales, the switch could also help against competitors.

The Eve V i5 model starts at $1,099 with 8 GB of RAM. At first glance, the Surface Pro now looks like the better deal, but users would have to pay an extra $100-200 for a Type Cover and pen.

Surface Pro Reliability

There’s also reliability to consider. This has been brought into question for the Surface line recent times. Microsoft is currently offering free replacements to users with Surface Pro 4’s with screen flickering issues.

Before then, there was the Surface Pro 3 with its persistent battery issues, which Microsoft failed to address. Adding to that is a Consumer Report study that found a quarter of owners experienced issues.

Microsoft assures users that its new Surface devices have a higher build quality, but only time will tell. Either way, those looking to grab an affordable Surface Pro can net themselves a significantly better deal.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 11:57 am CEST by Ryan Maskell

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