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Windows 10 April Update Removes Shutdown without Updating Option

The Windows 10 April Update disabled the 'Shutdown' option after installing an update, meaning its difficult for users to delay a long restart process or mitigate known issues. It's not clear if this change was intentional.


The April Update has been rolling out to users since last week and it's come with its fair share of issues. Update installs have been failing due to driver errors, PCs have been crashing, and there have been microphone, sound, and mouse issues.

With all of these problems, it's not unreasonable for users to be wary about future updates, but it seems the April one also removes some options. Users on Reddit report that the ‘Shutdown' choice is missing from the PC after an update is downloaded, meaning they can't turn it off without installing.

If users realize there are known issues after they download it, this leaves them stuck. The only other option provides is keeping your PC in sleep or hibernate mode indefinitely.

Windows 10 April Update Shutdown Workarounds

Another user on the Skip Ahead ring reports that the option is present for him, so it's possible this is a bug or a temporary measure. In the meantime, there's a way to shut your PC down manually without updating.

Firstly, we don't recommend holding down the power button to turn off your PC, as this can cause data loss in come cases. The simplest method is a short Run command. Press Windows+R and type shutdown.exe -s in the box that appears.

Windows will then open a dialogue saying your PC will shut down in less than a minute. Take this time to make sure you have everything saved.

Ultimately, you should update your PC as soon as possible, and that will likely be the only path to getting the option back if Microsoft releases a fix. However, you can set your Wi-Fi connection to metered in Settings if you want to disable them entirely. You can read our guide here.

Last Updated on May 14, 2018 11:05 am CEST

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