Surface Laptops

Microsoft has released a firmware update for the Surface Laptop that brings it in line with the Windows 10 April 2018 update. According to Neowin, the update bumps the version number up to 17134_1802808. The build number for the April update is 17134.

Despite its relatively large size of 290mb, it only makes one small adjustment. It bumps the Surface system version to 2.0.545.0, modifying ‘Surface Integration – System devices’. This improves the laptop’s hibernation capabilities on Window’s latest version.

Neowin notes that a similarly sized update is available for those on Creators Update, but we don’t see anything in the changelog yet. Hopefully, the improved hibernation system will further improve user’s battery life.

An update in March made changes to the System Aggregator in this vein, improving overall stability and promising battery fixes. Unfortunately, they weren’t clear on what those changes involve, but the general consensus is a slight increase. This should build on the steady foundation of up to 15.5 hours.

Windows 10 April 2018 Update Issues

However, users on the April 2018 Update may be experiencing other issues. Since the roll out last week, we’ve seen reports of driver issues. As a result, some installs may be failing, so if you don’t have the firmware, it’s worth checking your build number one more time.

Once you update, you may run into problems of incorrect disk space estimates, microphone issues, and more. Microsoft also appears to have removed the ability to shutdown without updating, so we’d be interested to hear if that applies to the Surface Laptop too.

That said, if you’ve updated successfully, you can grab the latest firmware and drivers here.