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Google to Launch Modified 2nd Gen Chromecast with Full Bluetooth Support

The new 2nd Gen Chromecast will support 2.4Hz Bluetooth on top the existing low energy and will be enabled by a software update. Unfortunately, the update won't be made available to existing devices.


An FCC filing reveals 's plans to re-launch its 2nd Generation Chromecast. Though the device houses the same internal hardware, the new version will extend functionality and come with a new FCC ID.

The new ID will simply add a ‘B' to the end of the 2015 Chromecast, becoming NC2-6A5B. With it, Google extends Bluetooth from low energy to full functionality.

“New version contains same hardware as the original. Original version supports 2.4Ghz/5GHz and BLE radios. New version enables BT in the chip set so that it supports 2.4Ghz/5GHz/BLE and BT radios,” reads a report filing. “In this update, the new version will add BT functionality to Chromecast multimedia device.”

Of course, this combines with the existing 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands, as noted in the report. The submission was filed in late April and came with a request for confidentiality. As a result, manuals, test setup photos, and internal and external photos are not available.

No Support for Original 2nd Gen Chromecasts

Though they contain the exact same hardware, original 2nd generation Chromecasts won't be getting the extended Bluetooth functionality. Theoretically, Google can enable the feature with a simple software update, but it's not that easy.

According to the product attestation letter, the new Bluetooth mode requires a new equipment code. DSS or ‘Part 15 Spread Spectrum Transmitter' certification wasn't included in the original model, so Google is unable to enable it there.

Due to the lack of a manual, it's not completely clear what the new Bluetooth functionality enables. We're hoping for controller, remote, or headphone support, but that would likely require developer intervention. Whatever the case, it will be interesting to watch the device's progress.

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