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Microsoft Releases Windows 10 April 2018 Update SDK

A day after Windows 10 April 2018 Update launched, Microsoft has introduced the SDK, which is build number 17134.1.


's April 2018 Update is now out in the wild, after finally getting its launch yesterday. Today, Microsoft has followed up with the release of the Windows 10 SDK for the April 2018 Update. This brings the SDK to build 17134.1 and is now available for developers to download and install.

Among the changes coming to the SDK with Windows 10 April 2018 Update are new machine learning models and the Timeline features. Elsewhere, users will find user activity tools and new UX controls for the platform.

Microsoft has published a changelog for the features in its announcement:

  1. Windows Machine Learning (WinML): WinML allows you to run ML ONNX models on any Windows 10 device on the April 2018 Update or greater. By just dragging your model into VS, loading the model, then executing it based on inputs, you can add machine learning into your application. If your model isn't already in the ONNX format, there are converts for most formats.
  2. Timeline, User Activities, and Adaptive Cards: User Activities and Timeline are amazing new ways for users to re-engage with your application and maintain context. To do your graphical representation, use Adaptive Cards, an open source card exchange format. Be sure your application has a URI schema, so you can enable deep linking. User Activities and Adaptive Cards will also become important APIs in Sets, which we'll discuss more at Microsoft Build 2018.
  3. New UX controls: Tree view, pull to refresh, and content links are just a few of the new controls added. These new controls can add new functionality and richness to your application.
  4. Multi-instance for UWP applications: In the April 2018 update, you can create multi-instance applications. On top of launching new processes, it allows for customization in cases where you want to select whether a new instance of your app is launched or an instance that is already running is activated.


Depending on your build, there are different ways to download the SDK. If your running VS 15.6, you can download the Windows 10 April 2018 Update SDK from here and simply install it.

When VS 2017 15.7 is released, you will need to find the installer and download it. Once downloaded, select “Universal Windows Platform development” under Workloads and install the update.

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