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Microsoft Launchers Updated with Performance Enhancements

The latest update for the Microsoft Launcher on Android brings changes to the UI and organization of the app to make it easier to use and more efficient.


is one of the company's better mobile apps and one of its most popular. Since replacing (rebranded) the Arrow Launcher last year, the app has gained some important updates. This week, has rolled out another, making some changes and improvements to the service.

The latest release is limited to beta users at the moment. This is not a sweeping update, but instead focuses on making the whole Microsoft Launcher experience smoother and more efficient.

For example, the home screen important logic has been cleaned up, while apps are now sorted in alphabetical order. This seems to be a UI focused update that focuses on making everything easier to use. You can check out the official changelog below:

  • Improved Home screen import logic
  • Sort your apps alphabetically in folders
  • Display names of apps or folders in your dock
  • Customizable gesture for pressing the Home button from the Home screen
  • New gesture option that lets you quickly lock your Home screen

If you want to pick up the latest release, you can get it here from the Play Store. Of course, you will have to be part of the beta program.

Microsoft Launcher

Back in January, Microsoft introduced version 4.5 of the Launcher with numerous new abilities. Users can now change the size of their dock, home screen, and drawer icons independently to suit their preference. This means you can have more prominent icons on the dock, and smaller ones on your app screen.

Since launching the Microsoft Launcher it has become one of the company's most successful apps. It is also among the services Microsoft keeps up to date. The app has been downloaded over 10 million times, and while not all those downloads are active, it is an impressive number.

Luke Jones
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