Microsoft recently made it clear that Windows 10 S would no longer be a standalone OS. As a result, users will get the option to switch to Pro or Home for free, making it a ‘mode’ rather than a full offering.

Thanks to Twitter’s Richard Hay, we now have an idea what that will look like. To get out of ‘S Mode’, users can visit the Microsoft store and click ‘Get’, similarly to an app installation.

“With Windows 10, you can choose a PC that fits the way you work and live,” says the description. “If performance, security and peace of mind are your top priorities, stick with Windows 10 in S mode. Every app you install from the Store has been verified by Microsoft. Want more options? You can switch out of S mode and you get the flexibility to install other apps, even those not verified by Microsoft.”

A One-Way Street

However, it does come with a caveat. The switch is one way, meaning once you’re back on Windows 10 Home or Pro, you’re stuck there. You’ll be unable to re-enable the restricted, secure version unless you do a full restore using a recovery drive.

It’s likely that won’t be required, as there doesn’t seem to be much support for S outside of schools. We suspect the majority of users purchasing a PC with Windows 10 S won’t do it intentionally.

Either way, the addition should make it more intuitive for users to switch. The option appears to show when searching from the start menu, which should also make it easy to find.