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Reports: Next Xbox to Launch ‘within 3 Years’, Integrate Cloud Streaming

Microsoft will allegedly take its time with the next Xbox, looking to implement game streaming and backward and forwards compatibility.


Last week, we reported a job opening for DRAM the next Xbox, and more details are already emerging. According to Thurrott's Brad Sams, is in no rush to complete its console, but could have something very different when it arrives.

As we suspected with the acquisition of PlayFab and Microsoft's new Cloud Gaming division, game streaming is a serious consideration. However, Sams says that it may not take full form in the next release.

A Hybrid Solution?

Instead, he talks of a hybrid solution, where much of a game is downloaded, but elements, such as the environment and weather are streamed from the cloud. This would have the advantage of close to real-time data, which could mirror elements or data from the real world.

It could also be used as a method to make initial game downloads smaller, though a constant streaming of data may not be suitable for those with low bandwidth or data caps. In addition, the desire for offline play means the Xbox probably won't be stream-only for some time.

There's more good news for disk owners, too. The next Xbox will apparently be backward and forwards compatible, so you won't have to leave you games behind.

Sources are saying that the PS5 is a way off, so Microsoft should be on top in terms of hardware for years yet, the X remaining the only console capable of full, native 4K. Of course, the elephant in the room is exclusives. The company will have to up its game both in the coming years and with its next console if it wants to be the dominant player.

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