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Windows 10 Preview Build 17643 Introduces Office Sets and Accessibility Improvements

Windows 10 Preview Build 17643 introduces a number of interesting changes which signal the direction Microsoft's next update is going to take. It focuses primarily on Office features, while also improving accessibility.


is just finishing up the Windows 10 Spring Creators update, and that's freed time to work on . Insiders on the ‘Skip Ahead' ring will notice a number of new features, especially if they're an Office user.

For the first time, Build 17643 introduces ‘Sets' to Office Insiders. The feature makes it much easier to group, refresh and recall data sources by offering a tab-like interface. You can run Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more from a single window, saving switching between them on your taskbar. It also enables Sets for the majority of Win32 apps that use the default title bar.

Aside from that, Microsoft has been working on small tweaks to make its features more streamlined. For Edge, that means making Microsoft WebDriver available on demand. For developers, the change should make it easier to get the correct version and fix annoying issues like binary mismatches.

Magnifier and Bug Fixes

Those tweaks extend to accessibility, such as Magnifier, which has the following new additions:

Choose where to keep the mouse cursor: We've heard your feedback asking us for a way to keep your mouse centered on the screen in Full-Screen mode, and with this build, we're making it happen! This new option under Settings > Ease of Access > Magnifier > “Keep your mouse…” > “centered on the screen” enables easier tracking and use of the mouse, especially helpful at higher magnification levels.

More options for increments: You've also been asking for even more control of your zoom level increments, so we've taken a moment to add two new increments to the list: 5% and 10%.”

Finally, DataSense has been tweaked to show usage while roaming, and the following bug fixes should reduce annoyance for some users:

  • “We fixed an issue where Reveal would sometimes not appear if you moved your mouse over and off an element repeatedly.
  • We fixed an issue resulting in a noticeable screen flicker when the screen adjusts after rotating your device.
  • We fixed an issue where the spellchecking menu would always appear on the primary monitor on PCs with multiple monitors, rather than the monitor with the red squiggled word.”

There are a lot of known issues in this build, so make sure you read the full changelog and hop to a different ring if required.

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