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Evernote for Windows 10 Gets Drag and Drop, Image Zoom, and More

Evernote's 6.11 update fixes a number of annoying bugs and adds modern functionality, allowing for stronger competition against Microsoft's OneNote and similar apps.


Evernote has rolled out a big update to its app, bringing a number of new features and improvements. Version 6.11 mirrors the features of its Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 apps while providing the automatic updates available via the Store.

Some of the most useful additions are improved drag and drop functionality and a new incremental zoom feature for the image gallery. They're joined by less vital changes like hundreds of emoji's and better loading times.

Vital Bug Fixes

However, Evernote has also taken the time to fix many bugs that were plaguing its userbase. These issues are a big part of the mediocre 3.3-star rating in the , and should make it much less frustrating to use:


  • “Fixed issue with clipped content which was not visible in notes.
  • Moving note from a joined notebook was not listed after previous update. This issue has now been fixed and you will be able to find the list of notebook after moving from a joined notebook.
  • Fixed issues with PDFs and Images which were not searchable as attachments.
  • An issue where rotating an image or annotating it results in the size of the image getting reset.
  • Fixed issue with drive links which could not be opened when enabled descriptive links.
  • An issue where words added to the dictionary aren't remembered between app launches.
  • An intermittent issue where new users can sometimes see no content after first launch.
  • Several work chat issues including one where a user is taken back to the “All Notes” view after a sync is performed.
  • An issue where a new note is created in the default notebook when a stack is selected instead of the first notebook in the stack.”

The app still isn't perfect, but these improvements should go a long way towards making it competitive with others in the store. One such app is Microsoft's OneNote, as well as Cortana who offers integrated note-taking functionality in Windows 10.

You can get the latest version of Evernote from the Windows Store.


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