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Facebook Messenger Introduces 360-Degree Photo Support, but Its Camera Still Sucks

Facebook Messenger can now send 360-degree photos and HD videos from other apps, but its own camera is still notably lacking in features and quality.


has updated its Messenger app with 360-degree photo support in a bid to make it ‘more visual'. Though the app itself doesn't currently support taking the images, it does support those captured in third-party ones.

Friends will be able to explore 3D photos in a similar way to the Facebook app, swiping to move left or right. The update also adds support for 720p video, versus the previous non-HD, though once more this isn't available directly from the app.

Instead, users have to shoot video from their regular camera app before uploading it to Messenger. It's a small extra step, but it once again highlights the poor capabilities of the app's camera.

Renewed Commitment

Messenger's camera has poor resolution, focus, and exposure metering, even giving Snapchat on a run for its money. That extends to its video, which starts to look pretty bad once you view it on anything bigger than a phone screen.

However, Facebook has announced a renewed commitment to the app this year, with plans to streamline and simplify the app. With hope, the company will improve on its existing features rather than providing more reason to bypass its integrated functionality.

Either way, the few who share 360-degree photos will be pleased to see the feature, and the video upgrade will definitely be appreciated, even if it's not full or ultra HD. Naturally, you'll need to be on the latest version of Messenger to access these features.

Unfortunately, there are also some region locks. While 360-degree videos are available around the world, HD video is notably missing from some countries. You can find a full list of supported regions on the Facebook Newsroom.

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